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Anna Matos is a Bronx native art and creative business professional. With almost 10 years of experience in the primary art market world, Anna has worked with emerging artists from around the world helping them to establish practices to sustain a career in an ever-changing field.


Anna has a BA from Fairfield University in Art History and philosophy and a MA from SUNY FIT in Art Market. She has worked as an artistic correspondent to Venu Magazine, is a USPAP certified art appraiser and for the last seven years, has been the director of WALLWORKS NEW YORK after having worked in galleries in Chelsea. In the last two years following the pandemic and noticing the shift towards virtual and digital media, Anna has transitioned into more social media marketing and management outside the gallery, offering services and support to emerging artists and smaller creative businesses and organizations.


With the goal to make art galleries and museums more transparent, Anna has been vocal about being open about the art world. With a father who is considered one of the pioneering artists in Graffiti, and having grown up going to his studio and galleries, Anna is very concerned with artist rights, treatment and protection. She offers creative consulting, curating, arts administration, social media management and appraisal services under her company, AAM Creative.

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