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With years of experience in the art world, here are some aspects Ms. Matos' freelance services that can benefit you and your needs.

  • Appraisal - have your art appraised for insurance, resale, or just to know how much your collection is worth. Full collection inventory and single item appraisals available.

  • Consulting - whether it is creating a collection of art for investment of passion, having guidance in what to buy helps with the intimidation of the art world.

  • Curating/Programming -  for a curator for an event or short-term project focused on contemporary urban art (pop-ups, murals, festivals, etc.) or help oversee any projects you may have. 

  • Social Media and Artist Management - for artists looking for someone to help get them off the ground in terms of social media, press kits, contracts. etc.

  • Writing - from press releases, artist bios, blurbs for websites and blogs or academic-based essays.

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