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Consulting is an extremely helpful tool for any level of collecting art. Whether just starting to buy art, or a seasoned collector, having a professional who can navigate the endless art fairs, gallery openings and auctions is valuable.

For those who want to buy art as investment, following trends in the art market is just as important as following the stock market. Some want help to build an art collection based on their passion and love of art, but need help getting started.

With years of experience and numerous contacts throughout the art world, Anna A. Matos can offer personal guidance on buying, how to build a collection and periodic updates on market trends and events.

An initial meeting and numerous discussions will determine if the consulting relationship is a fit. From accompanying clients to auctions and fairs, to acting as a buyer for clients, all levels of personal consulting are available.

Initial meetings are a courtesy. Building portfolios and plans of action begin at $75.00/hour of work. Any acting as a buyer for clients is on a 10% commission basis for any work purchased in primary market. For all secondary market work, hourly pay will be implemented. 

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