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Art has long been recognized as one of the more stable forms of investment. But it can also be a risky one in this current age of fake reproductions and fraud. Art appraising is an indispensable service to use to protect those investments.


Whether it is to appraise a single work for the purposes of a claim,  auction, consignment, or loan; or a total collection inventory for insurance purposes, an appraiser can sign off on your art as a numerical value.

Whether you want to sell a work or just want to protect your collection, a competitive rate for single or comprehensive services by Anna A. Matos, a USPAP Certified Appraiser can be offered.

Single Work Appraisal:

  • photograph of work; including front, back, sides and any distinguishing features (or for the purpose of a claim, any damages)

  • full work description of the art for records or claims

  • evaluation of work in terms of current art world market (primary and secondary) and artist information

  • an estimated value of worth for current market

Collection Inventory Appraisal:

  • on site visit to document all works of the collection for the inventory process (Covid-19 measures in effect: virtual meeting and calls preferred, on-site visit will include social distancing, masks and gloves)

  • documentation of each work (photographs, notes)

  • full work descriptions of the art as well as evaluations and estimated value of worth for current market

  • a full electronic and hard-copy document of the collection

Single Work Appraisal - $200.00

Collection Inventory Appraisal - $100.00 for on-site visit and strategy (reduced price of $65.00 for virtual meeting and strategy discussion); $75.00/hour of research work after

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