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Growing up with a father as an artist, Matos is uniquely qualified to manage artists and help them grow and sustain a career. Matos has worked over the last 10 years with John CRASH Matos as his artist manager, opening him to more work oversees, commissions and commercial projects.

While working at WALLWORKS NEW YORK, Matos has continued to help foster the career of artists such as Nick Walker, Tats Cru, Claudia MadC Walde, Steph Burr and Br163. 

Social media management is focused on creating and maintaining a voice on platforms including Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. Packages range from basic to in-depth and include content pillar and calendar planning, hashtag research and analytics reports.

  • $35.00/hour

Art administration services include overseeing email and other communications, scheduling calendars, and drafting quotes, invoices and contracts. 

  • $30.00/hour

Current clients include wallworksTWO, the Bronx Council on the Arts, En Foco Inc., and Kreate Hub LLC.

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